Ethics in Action: A practical guide to implementing the ECA Code of Ethics

Authors: Dr Lennie Barblett, Catharine Hydon and Dr Anne Kennedy

Ethics in Action: A practical guide to implementing the ECA Code of Ethics

This easy-to-use practical guide is suitable for all educators, managers, leaders and childhood professionals caring for children from birth to 12 years of age.

This essential and practical 95-page guide to the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Code of Ethics clearly explains what ‘code of ethics’ means in everyday practice. It comes with Practice Tool templates (over 25 pages) that you can photocopy, as well as additional resources, and also provides suggestions on how to put ethics into action. You will discover case studies, scenarios and provocations to help guide you with everyday ethical implementation.

The Ethics in Action guide has three main sections, each containing resources for all levels—from emerging through to experienced educators. This includes a section that will stretch knowledge and understanding of ethics for current practitioners.

Developed from the early learning and care sector’s desire to commit and enact ethics in daily practice, this easy-to-use publication will support you in bringing ethics into action!

The Ethics in Action guide will help you to:

  • easily draw the line between ethical and legal issues
  • know the individual steps to making ethical decisions
  • provide your team with the right tools to test their decisions/assumptions and develop skills
  • make the Code of Ethics become a living and breathing ‘everyday’ document—rather than a framed poster on the wall
  • ensure that you remain ethical
  • know how the Code of Ethics can strengthen your relationships with families.

‘This resource will provide practical support for professionals wanting to embed the Code of Ethics into their work with children, families and colleagues’ (Dr Anne Kennedy).

View a sample of Ethics in Action:

‘An ethical early childhood professional is open to new possibilities, accepting challenges and co-creating new knowledge with others’ (Sarah Gandolfo, Early Childhood Teacher).

‘The Code of Ethics reminds me to be prepared to reflect upon and challenge my own assumptions, expectations and judgements. [It] provides a useful framework for considering my professional responsibilities and ethics from many angles’ (Linda Davison, Centre Coordinator).

Ethics in Action: A practical guide to implementing the ECA Code of Ethics is great value at only $84.95, and bulk order purchases (10 copies or more) at $69.95.

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