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Early Childhood Australia has been producing innovative and essential early childhood resources for over 50 years. We have a dedicated team of editors and designers who are passionate about their work and can guarantee the excellence and usefulness of our publications. All publications are quality-assured, up to date and written by experienced early childhood professionals.

The ECA Publications team is committed to:

  • advocacy and education through high-quality resources and practice tools that are quality-assured by experts in the sector
  • publishing resources to support those who are responsible for the development, education and care of young children
  • producing publications that are affordable, accessible, relevant and support ECA’s advocacy work
  • drawing and reflecting on the national views and issues, including our strong commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, ethical practice and social justice.

Besides producing our own publications, we quality-assure and on-sell a variety of early childhood education and care books and resources. The ECA Shop offers an extensive range of resources for early childhood educators, leaders, practitioners, carers and parents. We asses books based on our quality-assurance guidelines to ensure that all books promote best practice and disseminate high-quality information in the early childhood sector.

The ECA Publications team also offers professional, personalised and affordable design, editing and publishing services through our ECA Studio. The experienced team at ECA has proven expertise in all aspects of pre-production work and publishing project management, including substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading, logo development, corporate branding, creative and professional graphic design as well as management of printing requirements.

ECA Publications Advisory Committee

The ECA Publications Advisory Committee:

  • ensures that ECA publications meet our advocacy mandate: to publish resources that support those who are responsible for the growth and development of young children
  • ensures that books published by ECA are relevant and of the highest quality
  • oversees the quality-assurance guarantee that underwrites ECA’s publications, including:
    • the peer-review process applied to ECA’s in-house publications and resources
    • the review and approval of external resources on-sold by ECA.

Publications Advisory Committee Members

 Associate Professor
Jane Page (Chairperson)
Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne
Editor of Everyday Learning Series
Jackie Brien Manager, Disabilities and Additional Needs Unit, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Editor of Every Child magazine
Julie Rutups Teacher, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)
Deputy Editor of Every Child magazine
Dr Pauline Roberts Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Studies, Edith Cowan University
Editor of Research in Practice Series
Rowena Muir Director, Manuka Childcare Centre
Professor Suzy Edwards
Professor, Australian Catholic University
Editor of Australasian Journal of Early Childhood
Professor Ann Farrell Head of School, School of Early Childhood, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Denise Proud Early childhood educator
Kate Ryan Early childhood educator, Halifax Street Children’s Centre and Preschool
Professor Marina Papic State Head of Education NSW/ACT, Early Childhood Education, Australian Catholic University
Adam Duncan Pedagogical Leader, Biripi Early Childhood Teacher

Quality assurance

The criteria that apply to the publications recommended for on-selling by ECA cover:

  • quality and presentation of the publication
  • accuracy of information
  • relevance to the early childhood sector
  • acknowledgement of multidimensional perspectives
  • inclusiveness, diversity, equity and justice
  • background/expertise of the author
  • referencing (if appropriate)
  • currency
  • readability for its intended audience.

Images and icons

ECA makes every effort to ensure that all information, content and images contained within our publications is correct and provided with permission. For all our content, we have a stringent copyright and permissions process.

  • We authenticate and obtain permission for any image or content obtained by the author(s) and used within our publications.
  • All photographs of children, educators, parents and carers taken by ECA and used within ECA publications are agreed to, and all permission is obtained before or during the photo shoot.
  • In line with our Reconciliation Action Plan, we do not replicate any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flag or indeed any cultural flag. However, photos of flags in use within education and care contexts may be included in publications to demonstrate use in practice.
  • At times when specific photographs identifying children or adults cannot be used due to the sensitive subject matter, we use stock images and art. All stock images that we use are purchased and pertain to copyright legislation.

If you would like to seek permission to use any ECA content, please contact us.

Key contacts

ECA Publications
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