Early Childhood Australia presents the ECA Box of provocations, written by Anne Stonehouse AM. The provocations contained in the box will provoke deeper thinking and reflection that drives improved quality, particularly in pedagogy and practice.

In this free 10-minute webinar, Anne Stonehouse explores ideas around how provocations can spark high-quality critical reflection and the ways you can use the Box of Provocations with your team.


ECA Box of Provocations

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The cards in The ECA Box of Provocations are intended to support critical reflection, discussion, debate and deeper thinking about teaching, learning and what it means to be a professional educator. Their use will result in a better learning experience for children, families and educators.

The provocations can be used with educators with all levels of formal qualifications and experience. There are many ways to use the provocations in a variety of settings. Beautifully presented and made to last, these will be a popular resource in your service for many years to come.

This collection contains 100 cards organised under 10 themes:

  • Children’s agency and identity
  • Children’s behaviour and learning
  • Curriculum components
  • Documenting and assessing
  • Images of children
  • Relationships with families
  • Pedagogy
  • Planning the program
  • Being a professional educator
  • Being a critically reflective educator.

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Price: $149.95
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Presenting the new ECA Box of Leadership Provocations, for leaders at all levels of early childhood education and care. Each of the 48 provocation cards, which are organised under the six capabilities outlined in the ECA Leadership Capability Framework, includes questions to provoke discussion and debate. Using these cards does not rely on familiarity with ECA’s Leadership Capability Framework; however the cards and the framework complement each other and leaders will benefit if they use the two together.

This resource has been written by six of Australia’s leading Early Childhood experts: Anne Stonehouse, Anthony Semann, Susan Irvine, Catharine Hydon, Michelle Gujer, and Leanne Gibbs.

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