This new edition to the ECA Box of Provocation series developed by ECA Publishing and Studio. written by Lisa Sonter, Sue Elliott, Julie Davis, Deb Watson, Wendy Gorman, Rebekah Garwood, Claire Warden, Judith McKay-Tempest, Fran Hughes

Thinking about a sustainable future is the need of the hour. As we slowly come to terms with the environmental, social and economic issues that the world has been facing, we need to re-evaluate how we can live in harmony with the natural world and conserve resources for generations to come.

Early childhood educators are well placed to set the foundations for this. As an educator, if you are looking to take your first or next step towards sustainability, ECA’s Box of Provocations for Our Earth will help you question your current professional doing and thinking. The provocations across eight different themes, written by experts from the fields of sustainability and nature pedagogy, will prompt you to find different ways of doing things; perhaps even undergo mind-shifts about what you value and how you see the world.

Each card includes questions to provoke discussion and debate. 

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