Reconciliation—the heart of advocacy—Judy Radich

Guest statement

Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning—Karen Mundine


Being a global leader—Jessica Staines and Jackie Bennett


Reconciliation Actions Plans: Including children’s voices—Adam Duncan

The mindful educator—Shayne Hinton

ECA’s reconciliation journey—Samantha Page

Risk taking and natural outdoor space in early childhood settings—Kristin Rucks

Every day, every child, every time—Jacinta Carey


Living and learning in a remote Aboriginal community—Di Roberts

Childcare co-working: The new phenomenon—Meg Burrage

Case study

A ‘reconciliation’ journey: Our story—Narelle Dewhurst and Fiona McFadden


Spatial reasoning and mathematics in early childhood education—Rachel Pollitt, Wee Tiong Seah and Dr Caroline Cohrssen


ECA Code of Ethics in action—Dr Lennie Barblett, Catharine Hydon and Dr Anne Kennedy

Professional development

Dreaming corner: ‘First People’ role-plays for your room—Jillian Munday

Learning about how to learn: My experience—Catherine Way

News and views

The importance of the early years and the Tasmanian B4 Early Years Coalition—Ros Cornish

Australia’s children from birth to adulthood—what do the Report on Government Services 2017 and 2016 Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report tell us?—Productivity Commission

Parents and carers

Establishing a child’s bedtime routine while nurturing their love of books—Kara Wilson


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