Every Child – Vol. 22 No. 1 2016 – Professional learning and development

Professional learning and development is available in a variety of formats for the early childhood sector. This issue of Every Child explores professional learning in depth; exploring topics such as how to choose between options, how to incorporate families and how to continue and enhance professional development within the early childhood service.

Anne Kennedy writes about reflective practice and how it can support ongoing professional learning and development. Manjula Waniganayake and Fay Hadley provide advice on choosing professional learning and how to make it work for individuals and organisations.
In other articles, Dr Georgie Nutton talks about the transition to belonging for refugees and asylum seekers, Catharine Hydon explores the topic of professionalism and ethics and Pam Linke encourages really listening to children in her article Hearing children’s voices.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Leadership and professional evaluation
  • Welcome to y(our) place: An open door in action
  • Model of pedagogical leadership
  • Student practicum—it’s every educator’s business
  • Leadership … is an elective for diploma-qualified educators
  • The NQS goes to school
  • Efficiency in early childhood education
  • Mandatory reporting—make the call
  • ‘She’s a real artist’—Working with artists in early childhood settings
  • The heart of sustainability.

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