Every Child – Vol. 22 No. 2 2016 – Early Learning—Time to talk it up!

Following the launch of the Early Learning: Everyone Benefits campaign to increase awareness of the importance of investing in quality early learning for everyone in Australia, this issue of Every Child encourages readers to ‘talk up’ early childhood education and care. The collection of diverse articles will promote conversation and reflection for all early childhood educators and service providers.

Early Childhood Australia CEO, Samantha Page, introduces the Early Learning: Everyone Benefits campaign and discusses its key aims. Anne Hollonds, the Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, writes about a holistic approach to investment that is designed for the needs of children and families and involves health, education and social policy.

In other articles, Collette Tayler and Dan Cloney discuss one of the findings from the E4Kids study—that access to effective early learning is not easy for those who need it most. Wendy Gorman and Sarah Mortimer share the journey of nature pedagogy at Rawa Aboriginal Community School in the remote north-west of Australia, and Daniel Donahoo reminds educators that technology can be used as a tool to engage with children and support their learning.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Cultural considerations: Welcoming refugee children and families into our services
  • Reviewing Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics
  • What the AEDC data is telling us
  • Rain, hail or shine—It’s not ‘just play’
  • Languages in the Australian Curriculum
  • The wonders of messy play
  • Consulting with children
  • Developing empathy in kindergarten students
  • Nutrition as intervention: The power of a carefully crafted nutrition program in developing the health of vulnerable children
  • Inappropriate weather or inappropriate clothing?

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