Early learning—time to talk it up!—Judy Radich

Guest statement

Investing in our future—Anne Hollonds


Early Learning: Everyone Benefits—a campaign to shift the paradigm on how Australia values the early years—Sam Page

Cultural considerations: Welcoming refugee children and families into our services—Meni Tsambouniaris

Reviewing Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics—Anne Kennedy, Lennie Barblett and Catharine Hydon

Nature pedagogy in a remote context—Wendy Gorman and Sarah Mortimer

What the AEDC data is telling us—Chris Steel

Languages in the Australian Curriculum—Dr Tracey McAskill

The wonders of messy play—Fiona Howie

Consulting with children—Meg Jones

In relation to students I will …—Karen Hope

Inappropriate weather or inappropriate clothing?—Joshua Miles


Access to effective early learning programs is not easy—Collette Tayler and Dan Cloney

Developing empathy in kindergarten students—Kate Turner


We have a responsibility—Daniel Donahoo


My time in Newman—Kaye van Nieuwkuyk

Rain, hail or shine—It’s not ‘just play’—Bernadette Hayes

Professional development

Farewell to the performance review!—Lisa Bryant


A celebration for Tonia Godhard AM—a great Australian


Sorry sorry—Jo Darbyshire


Nutrition as intervention: The power of a carefully crafted nutrition program in developing the health of vulnerable children—Dr Loraine Fordham

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