EC1701Every Child – Vol. 23 No. 1 2017 – Reflecting on the ECA National Conference

This issue reflects on the 2016 ECA National Conference, bringing you articles from a range of inspiring presentations. ECA National President Ros Cornish begins with a reflection on her own rewarding journey at ECA and encourages others to become a part of the organisation as active members.

Keynote speaker Carla Rinaldi calls on us to re-imagine childhood and authentically consider the voice of young children, writing that it is important to show respect for their intelligence and agency. Claire Warden affirms our relationship with the natural environment, encouraging us to bring nature ‘inside’ and explore the excitement and wonder of learning environments for children.

In other articles: Sylvia Turner writes about her Scandinavian sabbatical and discusses images of the child and the educator in these environments; Anne Stonehouse discusses the ECA Code of Ethics as a cornerstone for our profession; Susan Edwards, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, Deborah Moore and Wendy Boyd talk about finding the balance with a play-framework for play-based learning and intentional teaching in early childhood education; and Elise Waghorn asks ‘what is all the fuss about?’ when it comes to documentation.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Sustainability in action—an outback action research project
  • Using visual information for learning
  • Building parents’ understandings of early childhood education and care
  • Engaging pre-service and early career educators—leadership and advocacy
  • Different responses to transition and change—child temperament characteristics
  • Culture of inquiry—a ticket to Darwin
  • New logos: Start a conversation about the National Quality Framework
  • Photographs—a window to take a look at children’s learning
  • Making inclusion a priority: Queensland invests in skills and knowledge
  • Empowering children in their choices.

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