Every Child – Vol. 23 No. 2 2017 – Inclusion—everyone’s business

A broad focus on inclusion is the theme for this issue of Every Child. Marlene Fox begins by delivering a guest statement that asks the question: ‘what creates inclusion and what does it actually mean for our professional practice?’ As the chair of the sub-committee responsible for developing ECA’s Statement on the inclusion of every child in early childhood education and care, Marlene brings to this issue a long history of work around inclusion.

Continuing the discussion of ECA’s policy statement on inclusion, Helen Oakey discusses the practicalities of using this statement in care and education settings; and Sandy Leitch talks about the benefits of the statement and Vocational Education and Training.

In other articles, Melissa Johnston presents a snapshot of inclusion for the culturally and linguistically diverse community at Franklin Early Childhood School; Carmel Richardson discusses reconciliation and inclusion; Loretta Davis writes about the importance of advocating for children’s rights in Australia; and Jackie Brien talks to Amanda Cincotta about a practical tale of inclusion.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Walking together with families toward inclusion
  • Tribute to Andrea Ruth McGuffog
  • Reflections on a visit to Reggio Emilia early childhood centres in Italy
  • Partnerships with families of young children with disabilities
  • The anti-bias approach in early childhood 15 years on …
  • Introduce and new language at your preschool: You’ll be amazed at what unfolds
  • Changes to the NQF, and reports on consistency and efficiency in the NQF
  • The importance of developing language and literacy skills
  • Children have the right to be heard—but how do we listen?
  • Ready children, ready families, ready schools
  • Simple changes cut waste and enrich children’s learning at Illawarra Area Child Care
  • Why that photo?

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