Every Child—Vol. 24 No. 1 2018: Wellbeing and much more …

In recent years the word ‘wellbeing’ has been spoken and written about at length. This latest edition of Every Child explores wellbeing in a variety of forms, including making childhood mental health matter, as discussed in the guest statement by KidsMatter Early Childhood. The KidsMatter team also shed some light on the soon to be available National Education Initiative being led by beyondblue, and how ECA is an implementation partner alongside headspace in this exciting new initiative.

Suzanne Blythin shares with readers her comprehensive model around wellbeing for her staff in outside school hours care programs; and Cyndy Newman shares with readers a very practical approach to educator/staff wellbeing, which includes transforming a traditional staffroom into a dedicated wellbeing and relaxation space.

In other articles, Kristie Boyd demonstrates how children, educators and the community can improve the air quality in a preschool setting through the use of indoor plants; Lisa Boyd shares her experience of living and working in a remote Aboriginal community; and the team at Explore & Develop Penrith South discuss their journey towards reconciliation and how it felt to win the Narragunnawali Awards.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Including children’s voices
  • ‘Love children with our eyes open and our brain engaged’—Interview with Margaret Sims
  • When you have concerns about a child’s development
  • Daily transitions: A make or break (the day) experience
  • Kicking goals—learning new skills takes time
  • Letters around Annandale: An architectural alphabet hunt
  • Reading with dad—links to language development.

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