Every Child—Vol. 24 No. 3 2018: You, me, children, families, community

Communicating what we know, understand and believe in for young children is advocacy—the heart of ECA’s work. In this edition of Every Child magazine, communication and its many forms act as an undercurrent, weaving together a number of thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Anne Stonehouse sets the tone for this issue, with a Guest Statement that rightly describes communication as being more complex than just 500 words.

Carmel Richardson reflects on communicating family diversity and celebrations; Natalie Cordukes shares her service’s inspiring story of embedding Aboriginal perspectives through ‘connecting, learning and listening’; and Rod Soper, Chief Researcher from the Playing with Gratitude Project, discusses how playing and communicating gratitude can significantly impact lives, including creating stronger reciprocal connections across all early learning communities.

In other articles, ECA discusses the recent issues surrounding the children’s picture book, Sorry Sorry; and Marie Hage shares with readers how a ‘Bush Block’ has been instrumental in supporting educators in communication, and how the connection between taking time and listening has been transformative and rewarding.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • What collaboration looks like in the Victorian Maternal and Child Health practice
  • Every Child Profile: Fay Hadley
  • Ready or not? Supporting high-quality programs for three-year-olds
  • Box of provocations for early childhood educators
  • Transition to school: A primary perspective
  • Supporting our most vulnerable and victimised children
  • The local library—unpacking the potential
  • Relatedness as reconciliation: Personal storying for cultural integrity
  • Reflecting social change: Father-inclusive practice
  • Congratulations to an ‘exceptional female researcher’.

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