Every Child – Vol. 26 No. 3 2020

The third edition of Every Child for 2020 is filled with insightful, informative and inspiring articles, punctuated by our continued coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on children and families.

Aunty Denise Proud provides a personal reflection on her own childhood and the manifest injustices of life on an Aboriginal reserve­—along with this edition’s striking cover art. She recalls the strength and support she drew from family and community in those days, and reflects on what it means to be an activist.

Elsewhere, we have strong, evidence-based features on truly listening to children, building understanding of complex social issues through play, and the importance of self-care for educators. Forbes Preschool director Amy Shine describes her service’s commitment to practical, community-oriented reconciliation. And educator Blaire Aldrich reports on efforts to facilitate meaningful participation in the Monash University community by its youngest members.

On the pandemic, we bring you data from two major reports and one early education leader’s reflection on the value of ‘care’ in times like these. The latest National Child Health Poll reveals how families were affected by the sudden upheaval in the first few months of social distancing. And the Mitchell Institute gives us a good indication of how children have been affected by this year’s widespread uptick in employment stress.

You’ll also find a career profile on Associate Professor Lennie Barblett and a pictorial on outdoor learning along with our regular book reviews, calendar reminders and puzzles.

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