Every Child – Vol. 27 No. 1 2021

Rights and respect are key threads that run through the first issue of Every Child for 2021. We begin with Early Childhood Australia chief executive Samantha Page explaining why she was among thousands of people who attended March4Justice rallies around Australia this year. ‘I honestly thought gender equality within my lifetime was a given, not something my daughters and granddaughters would have to fight for,’ Sam writes, suggesting five causes worth fighting for.

The cover of Every Child magazine, number 1 of 2021.Elsewhere, we peer inside the Tinker Shed, a place for children to play with loose parts, turn ideas into creations and engage with risk; a multi-site kindergarten service provides a case study in creating an anti-bias early childhood curriculum; and one educator explains how she learned to stop worrying and accept that the word ‘childcare’ may have some value after all.

An early childhood teacher takes us through some interesting perspectives on what it means for adults to truly respect children, and education researcher Bin Wu draws links between four key guiding documents: the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the National Quality Standard, the Early Years Learning Framework and ECA’s Code of Ethics.

We also have articles on family–school partnerships; translating the global ideals of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into a local context; what empowerment really means; collegiality and its impact on educator wellbeing; and the value of cultivating a shared understanding of professionalism. The authors of many of these articles will be exploring similar issues in greater depth at the ECA National Conference in September.

Our profile introduces you to Kate Ryan, the director of a preschool and long day care service in Adelaide and a valued contributor to the work of ECA, including through the our Publications Advisory Committee.

From this issue forward, we have also decided to look within our own publications for inspiring quotes, starting with one from the Editor of the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood that underscores the link between educator wellbeing and high-quality outcomes in early childhood education and care.

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