Have we bec2103 coverecome more aware of the small wonders of nature? The spiralling of a fern frond? Raindrops glistening on a leaf? The laughter of children at play? This edition of Every Child contains articles that will motivate and inspire.

Linda Watson explores children’s wonder and curiosity about spirals in nature and Jen Totta offers beautiful visions of young children’s ‘intra-action’ with nature. Karen Hope urges us to reflect on how children’s developing agency may be fostered through pedagogical practice. Examples of a rights-based program are provided by Kylie Turner, while Michele O’Sullivan suggests ways to bring the concept of peace into children’s programs. The potential of using puppets to support inclusive practice is explained by Dr Olivia Karaolis, and Adam Duncan explores the imperative for early childhood professionals to include meaningful and authentic stories and books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to support deeper understandings of reconciliation and culture.

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