Everyday Learning about maths and numeracy

Author(s):  Jenni Connor and Denise Neal
Pages: 34

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Becoming numerate—being able to apply maths in everyday situations—is a key to success in school and vital for making important decisions as we go through life. Everyday learning about maths and numeracy provides information for families and educators about the central ideas in maths and practical suggestions for how adults can support young children in acquiring core concepts that underpin future learning. Did you know that babies are born with a sense of number? Did you know that using your fingers for counting is a sign that you are going to be clever at maths? Experienced and respected early childhood educators Jenni Connor and Denise Neal bring us up to date with the latest research about young children’s learning.  They explain that young children learn by watching, being engaged and doing. This book will help you to understand:

  • how playing and talking with babies builds ideas about space and number
  • how building with blocks and boxes develops children’s concepts about space, shape and size
  • how buttons, beads, paper plates and shells can be used to make patterns, compare and classify things and begin to place them in an order and sequence
  • how reasoning and logic help us to solve everyday problems and introduce children to the language of maths
  • how concepts of time, money and the basics of counting and using numerals develop before children go to school.

The book connects what adults do with the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standard and the TAFE early childhood education competencies.

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