Everyday Learning about supporting children’s creativity in early childhood education

Author(s): Rosalind Littledyke
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This book celebrates the creative potential that is in all of us, especially in our young children. It explores the nature of human creativity and creative thinking and considers how it underpins our greatest innovations, from the cultural and artistic to the practical and every day. As a species our creative responses to the challenges posed by our environment and growing complexities of life are our strength.

Supporting our children’s creative potential need not be complicated or costly; it can be a matter of a few sticks and stones in the backyard or some interesting, colourful pieces of fabric. It is more about how we look at the possibilities of things and their creative potential and giving children the time to follow through their ideas. Given the opportunities and an encouraging environment, the possibilities for children developing their creative potential are endless.

This book will help you to understand:

  • the concept of children’s creativity and creative thinking
  • how to embed an understanding of creativity in early childhood centres and in homes
  • how resources can support children’s creative thinking
  • how environments can encourage children in creative play
  • how to support children’s confidence in their own ideas and projects.

Finally, this book is about respecting and celebrating all human potential, we are a remarkable species!

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