Everyday Learning about children’s sexual development and behaviour—Pants aren’t rude (second edition)

Author(s): Pam Linke
Published: 2015
Pages: 40
ECA Code: EDL1501

This second edition of Pants aren’t rude has been updated due to popular request. It is about children’s sexuality that is part of everyone’s lives but often not talked about except with embarrassment or jokes. It is an important part of children’s lives and being open about their sexual development provides an important opportunity to help them learn about their bodies and how they work, think about the values they are learning to hold about themselves and others, and to develop confidence in who they are. Often children’s behaviour or questions take parents or educators by surprise and they are not sure how to respond or what is the best thing to say, or sometimes they may be unsure themselves. The book covers these topics in a context of overall sexual development and is a guide for parents, educators and other carers.

The book is about how children develop sexually and how they express this in behaviour and how we can provide a positive and helpful environment for their learning and development. It deals with suggested responses to children’s sexual behaviour, how to talk with children about sex, and what to do when the behaviour is of concern. Above all it is about how adults who care for children can help them feel comfortable about who they are and to build a strong and healthy foundation for future wellbeing and fulfilling relationships.

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