Children’s behaviour: A guiding approach

Author: Louise Porter
Published: 2016
Pages: 28
ECA Code: EDL1603

Guiding behaviour in children is an important part of development, as it teaches self-regulation. This capacity for self-regulation has to be learned and is a key emotional task of childhood. Detailed in this book is the ‘guidance approach’ to children’s behaviour, which is based on the belief that children don’t need incentives to behave thoughtfully, they need skills. And the most important skill for children to learn is how to manage their own emotions. The guidance approach is also based on the belief that we are all motivated internally: by our needs.

Other topics explored in this book are:

  • the beliefs and values behind children’s behaviours
  • tips for how to acknowledge children’s achievement
  • the origins of disruptive behaviour including external stressors, health and developmental inexperience
  • alternatives to punishment such as adjusting the environment
  • further reading and resources for support in guiding the behaviour of your own children or children in your care.

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