Supporting brain development

Author: Martin Westwell
Published: 2016
Pages: 32
ECA Code: EDL1601

Decades of research in the brain sciences have provided evidence that, to a large extent, reinforce what carers have known for generations, such as the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep and a close, loving connection. Neuroscience has also helped provide some insights into other aspects of child brain development, revealing how environments and experiences can shape the way children think, behave and develop.

Supporting brain development takes some of these ideas further by investigating ‘neuromyths’ and the differences between toxic and healthy stress; some of the reasons why caring relationships are so important for the development of children’s brains; and the ways in which play can be turned into intentional play-based learning.

This book will help parents/carers and educators to add some of the research findings provided by the brain sciences to their own ways of knowing children. Together, these understandings may be useful in informing how we create the experiences, relationships and challenges for our children that will foster their brain development.

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