EDL1604Transitions in children’s everyday lives

Author: Linda J. Harrison
Published: 2016
Pages: 28
ECA Code: EDL1604

Young children’s days are filled with change and transitions that are so commonplace they often go unnoticed. However, all transitions, whether they are from one setting to another, one person to another, or one activity to another, require children to adapt or cope with these changes. And for children, these transitions can be emotionally charged—from exciting and happy to overwhelming and difficult. This Everyday Learning Series title is designed to help parents/carers and educators understand these emotional ups and downs, and support children as they negotiate the transitions of daily life.
This booklet explains:

  • what everyday transitions are and how children might experience these events
  • how adults can support children during transition and change, and the importance of familiar relationships
  • the many changes in a child’s day including timetables and different places and relationships
  • different responses to transitions and change
  • how we as parents/carers and educators can change our thinking towards children and their daily transitions.

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