EDL1702coverCultural inclusion

Author: Melinda G. Miller
Published: 2017
Pages: 28
ECA Code: EDL1702

All children have a right to experience a sense of belonging in early childhood settings. A sense of belonging ensures that children see their culture, identity and language reflected in their daily program. However, for children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, there can be limitations around how their daily life is represented. Early childhood is a critical time for children to develop empathy and attitudes that challenge assumptions and biases about people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. As parents/carers and educators, it is important to understand the critical role you play in supporting the attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate respect for diversity and difference.

This Everyday Learning Series title looks at:

  • the role of parents/carers and community
  • racial literacy and racism in early childhood education
  • cultural competence and growing up in multicultural Australia
  • Indigenous Australia as a starting point for cultural competence
  • conscious and unconscious bias
  • cultural inclusion and its barriers.

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