EDL1701coverFamilies: Where learning begins

Author: Judy Radich
Published: 2017
Pages: 28
ECA Code: EDL1701

Refreshing the 2007 title Everyday learning in families, this updated booklet looks at children’s self-discovery when they are guided by an interested and encouraging adult. When young children’s early learning experiences are positive and supported, they are more likely to become engaged learners. Children’s play experiences and supportive relationships in the first five years are significant both in the here and now and set a solid base for later learning, school and success in life. And as children grow and develop, the most important constant in their lives is the responsive relationships they have with significant adults.

Other topics discussed in this Everyday Learning Series title include:

  • early relationships and brain development
  • learning about feelings
  • the importance of conversation between children and adults
  • why you should maintain routines and schedules, but support early independence and self-esteem
  • how to support cooperative and problem-solving skills.

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