A guide to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures: The important first step to reconciliation

Author: Jo Goodwin
Published: 2018
Pages: 24
ECA Product code: EDL1801

In Australia, we have two distinct peoples who are Indigenous to our nation: Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Whether or not you are beginning or continuing your learning on how to best include and explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures with young children, it is your commitment, time, values and attitudes that will progress these ideas.

Progressing reconciliation can at times be challenging, difficult and slow. It can also be inspiring, energising and open a world of possibilities. An ongoing commitment to progressing reconciliation with young children can be achieved through building positive relationships, demonstrating respect and creating opportunities with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader community in which you live and work.

This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

  • who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians?
  • what is reconciliation?
  • relationships and opportunities
  • how to demonstrate respect.

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