Sleep in early childhood

Author: Pam Linke
Published: 2018
Pages: 28
ECA Product code: EDL1802

Sleep and sleep practices are fundamental to children’s wellbeing, growth and development. Sleep is especially important for infants and young children, and it is an essential part of early childhood education and care programs. Understanding the importance of sleep in young children’s development and learning, and safe sleep practices, is a key responsibility of early childhood educators.

Peaceful sleep, and successful transition to sleep, nourishes health, development and learning. To achieve this, having educators working with parents/carers is central to infants’ and young children’s safety and wellbeing in early childhood education and care services.

This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

  • safe sleep practices
  • tummy time
  • communication with parents/carers
  • settling babies
  • sleep cues, comforters, associations and rituals
  • sleep challenges.

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