Risky play and the outdoors

Author: Helen Little
Published: 2019
Pages: 20
ECA Product code: EDL1903

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the decrease in children’s access to outdoor play and the extent to which an over-emphasis on safety and general risk-aversion has impacted many childhood play experiences that previous generations took for granted. But children are naturally drawn to risky play that involves thrilling, exciting, physically challenging activities like climbing, jumping and balancing precariously. Risky play also motivates children to challenge themselves and extend their skills.

This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

  • the characteristics and benefits of risky play
  • environments that encourage children’s positive risk-taking in play
  • ways to manage children’s risk-taking in play
  • how educators can help children gradually take responsibility for their own safety.

The book also outlines the benefits of risky play for children’s development and learning, and provides educators with knowledge and ideas about supporting children’s risky play while managing safety.

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