Supporting the wellbeing of parents and carers

Author: Mel Angel
Published: 2019
Pages: 24
ECA Product code: EDL1901

In early childhood settings, there is much that educators can do to support parents’ and carers’ wellbeing. This Everyday Learning Series title uses research-based evidence to assist educators in building positive relationships and in supporting the wellbeing of parents and carers.

In this book, you will find strategies to build strong relationships with parents and carers, and ways to contribute to their wellbeing. You will also find out how to:

  • engage in critical reflection to help uncover biases
  • identify barriers that may prevent flourishing relationships with parents and carers
  • implement practical strategies for supporting the development of positive relationships
  • unpack the principle of participation within the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, and how this can be applied to an Australian context
  • invite feedback from parents and carers on how participating in their child’s learning has contributed to their wellbeing.

The book also provides real-life examples from early childhood settings where educators are supporting families in engaging with their children’s learning. It also highlights relevant links to the National Quality Standard, the ECA Code of Ethics and the Early Years Learning Framework.

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