Attuned routine experiences

Authors: Katherine Bussey and Michelle Richardson
Published: 2020
Pages: 24
ECA Product Code: EDL2003

The way in which routine experiences are established and enacted with infants and toddlers in early childhood settings significantly influences opportunities for learning and relationship-building. This Everyday Learning Series title uses research and evidence-based practice to provoke thinking and promote routines as key, meaningful moments for young children.

In this book you will find practical recommendations on how to:

  • rethink routines as learning opportunities instead of mere tasks to swiftly complete
  • establish routine experiences that encourage interdependence
  • create routines that consider young children’s experience and perspectives.

All of children’s experiences—whether remembered or forgotten—influence their later development. So, it is important to enhance and foster children’s wellbeing and engagement during the routines they experience each day.

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