Developing a happy, healthy and sustainable early childhood workplace

Authors: Tamara Cumming, Laura McFarland and Sandie Wong
Published: 2021
Pages: 20
ECA Product Code: EDL2104

Early childhood workplaces are unique. They are designed with children and families in mind but may not necessarily focus on those who actually work there. A conscious effort needs to be made to design or adapt workplaces so they also support educators, staff, leaders and their practice.

This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

  • why it is important to make early childhood workplaces happy, healthy and sustainable
  • the features of a positive work environment
  • what research shows about the quality of early childhood workplaces
  • who is responsible for developing and maintaining positive workplaces
  • approaches to achieving happy, healthy and sustainable work environments.

The book also contains case studies, prompts for reflection and ideas for supporting and maintaining improvements to early childhood work environments.

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