Play-based learning and intentionality

Authors: Sue Mentha, Jane Page and Sarah Young
Published: 2022
Pages: 20
ECA Product Code: EDL2203

Intentional teaching is a practice through which educators make decisions about how to engage children through play effectively. It is a responsive approach that involves stepping in and out of play to balance opportunities for child- and adult-led learning in the everyday, ensuring learning outcomes for all children. Through intentional teaching, educators demonstrate genuine interest in children’s worlds, which helps children develop strong identities and the confidence to engage in learning as active and equal participants.

This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

  • what intentional teaching is
  • why intentional teaching is important
  • what intentional teaching through play looks like in practice.

The book also outlines models, approaches and practices that can help educators and children engage in rich learning that builds on children’s interests, knowledge and capabilities.

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