Beyond passion: Constructing professional identity

Author: Sarah Louise Gandolfo
Published: 2023
Pages: 16
ECA Product code: EDL2302

The idea of professionalism and the need to have a strong professional identity are vital for those working in early childhood education and care (ECEC) spaces. Having a strong professional identity helps you to better advocate for play-based learning, for best quality services and for the sector as a whole.This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

■ the connection between professional identity and the image of the teacher
■ the way in which four key elements help to construct the professional identity of early childhood professionals
■ an ethical perspective on professional identity
■ considerations for expanding your perspective through reflection and actions.

The book provides examples and questions to foster robust personal reflection on the concept of professional identity. It asks early childhood professionals, from all parts of the sector and career
stages, to consider the influence of social, cultural, historical and political constructs on their identity and practice.

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