Visual arts in early childhood settings

Author: Gai Lindsay
Published: 2023
Pages: 20
ECA Product Code: EDL2301

Visual arts pedagogy is central to early childhood practice. Early childhood educators determine the quality of the visual arts experiences offered to children through their selection of materials and processes. When educators are confident to plan meaningful visual arts learning experiences children are supported to make and communicate meaning through many visual arts languages.

This Everyday Learning Series title explores:

■ the benefits of visual arts learning experiences and processes

■ the educator’s central role in planning for and supporting quality visual arts pedagogy

■ the types of arts materials and processes that support visual literacy development

■ how to plan successful, child-led, open-ended visual arts encounters.

The book provides case studies, examples and resources to foster rich discussions and deep reflection about quality visual arts pedagogy. It also challenges educators to build their own visual arts confidence and knowledge to effectively honour children’s right to richly engage in cultural and artistic learning experiences.

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