Young children online

Authors: Professor Susan Edwards and Professor Michael Henderson
: 2023
: 20
ECA Product code
: EDL2303

Young children are online from a very early age. They either use digital devices themselves or see other people around them using the internet. From watching videos and television to sharing photos on social media, the internet plays a large role in the lives of young children. Using the internet offers rich opportunities for children’s play, recreation and learning. However, the internet can also present risks to young children when they are active online.

This Everyday Learning Series title is an informative guide that explains:
• what being online means
• how young children use the internet and the type of risks they face online
• what educators and families can do to keep young children safe online
• ways to build young children’s understanding of the internet.

Young children online provides practice advice about what adults can do to teach children how to navigate the internet and stay safe online.

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