ECA Publication Resources Online

What are the ECA Publication Resources Online?

ECA now offers online additional resources to subscribers of  our publications: Research in Practice Series, the Everyday Learning Series and the Every Child magazine. Subscribers of these publication series are entitled to receive accompanying online resources that complement these publications and are relevant for professional development or family engagement purposes respectively.

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Bonus material for Research in Practice Series subscribers

In addition to each hardcopy issue of the Research in Practice Series, subscribers receive access to an accompanying PowerPoint presentation based on each edition of the series. The presentations are designed to help team leaders share and discuss the content of the book with colleagues across their setting.

Bonus material for Everyday Learning Series subscribers

In addition to each hardcopy issue of the Everyday Learning Series, subscribers receive access to accompanying electronic fact sheets suitable for sharing with families and fellow educators. These fact sheets can be printed out or included in email newsletters.

Bonus e-version for Every Child magazine subscribers

In addition to each hardcopy issue of the Every Child magazine, subscribers receive access to the e-version you can view on your favourite digital device.

How do I subscribe to these publications to get access to the bonus resources?

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Research in Practice Series

The Research in Practice Series is a practical, easy-to-read resource, offering effective new approaches for the challenging issues that arise in the care and education of young children. These books are an essential resource for early childhood professionals, and contain  research-based information and ideas to connect theory with practice. For practical advice from early childhood experts and practitioners, subscribe to the Research in Practice Series today.

Everyday Learning Series

Aimed at early childhood educators, students of early education and beginning practitioners, the Everyday Learning Series provides suggestions and strategies for creating positive learning environments for young children. The books draw on contemporary research evidence as well as the endless possibilities offered by everyday experiences. The series serves as an invaluable resource for educators, as it focuses attention on the everyday issues relating to children’s learning and development from birth to age eight. Subscribe to the Everyday Learning Series today.

Every Child magazine

Do you want to know what is happening in the early childhood sector? Discover the latest news and developments from the early childhood field in this bright and engaging quarterly magazine. A popular option for services and individuals alike, Every Child features articles written by the sector, for the sector. Informative articles cover a range of topics including education, health, professional development, technology, sustainability, reconciliation, ethics and more. Every Child also includes guest statements and profiles from well-known identities in the sector and regular snapshots of early childhood services across Australia. Subscribe to the Every Child magazine today.

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