Intentional teaching: Acting thoughtfully, deliberately and purposefully

Author(s): Anne Kennedy
Published: 2014
Pages: 32
ECA Code: RIP1404

The concept of intentional teaching raises our expectations for all educators and has the same positive effect as holding high expectations for every child. However, educators are sometimes unsure about the meaning of ‘intentionality’ and ‘intentional teaching’.

Intentional teaching is defined in the Early Years Learning Framework as: the opposite of teaching by rote or continuing with traditions simply because things have ‘always’ been done that way.

This publication contains practical advice and reflections on what being intentional means for educators, children, families and communities and aims to support a deeper understanding of the meaning behind ‘intentional teaching’.

Other topics explored in this publication include:

  • Unintended teaching and learning
  • The intentional teaching balance
  • Intentional teaching: Documenting and assessing learning
  • Intentional teaching and the Learning Outcomes
  • Promoting learning
  • Intentionality, inclusion and equity

This Research in Practice book complements and is a companion document to Pedagogy: Programs and relationships in practice.

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