Pedagogy: Programs and relationships in practice


Author(s): Anne Kennedy
Published: 2014
Pages: 24
ECA Code: RIP1402

Since the introduction of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), educators have sometimes been confused or concerned about some of the terminology and concepts it contains, including the word ‘pedagogy’. Using the word ‘pedagogy’ in the EYLF was a deliberate decision by the writing team. More familiar words such as ‘practice’ or ‘program’ were possible but they do not convey the broad and dynamic nature of educators’ work in the same way as the word ‘pedagogy’ does.

Pedagogy, as the EYLF uses it, is about the connections between relationships, curriculum decision making and teaching and learning strategies. The word ‘pedagogy’ reminds educators of the centrality of relationships for learning. This book, by experienced educator, author and consultant Dr Anne Kennedy, helps educators to understand the meaning of the word ‘pedagogy’ and how it links with their everyday decision making and work in building respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationships with children and families. Case examples from different settings are used to illustrate the discussion and to provide practical support. Links are also made to a range of Early Childhood Australia’s EYLF and National Quality Standard resources.

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