Dreaming stories: A springboard for learning

Authors: Jenni Connor and Geraldine Atkinson
Published: 2016
Pages: 20
ECA code: RIP1602

‘Dreaming stories are the stories of the land, living with the land and belonging to the land’.—From Teachers’ guide: The Dreaming (SNAICC, 2005).

Experienced educator Jenni Connor worked with Geraldine Atkinson, a Koorie educational leader, to produce this resource for early childhood educators. This unique DVD set includes 13 short films from The Dreaming, Aboriginal Nations’ award-winning animated series.

Dreaming stories: A springboard for learning records the experiences of several diverse services using the The Dreaming films to introduce young children to a huge range of concepts:

  • explaining the seasons, life cycles, the importance of rain and responsibility for the environment
  • appreciating diversity in appearance, language and culture
  • exploring emotional concepts such as jealousy, fairness and the value of sharing
  • encouraging communication, cooperation and teamwork
  • investigating these ideas through music, movement, art and computer design.


The Dreaming stories are an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultural heritage. As the world’s longest continuous record of historic events and spirituality, they provide valuable wisdom for all people.

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