Mentoring in early childhood education: A dynamic professional relationship

Authors: Lennie Barblett and Catharine Hydon
Published: 2019
Pages: 32
ECA code: RIP1904

As the working lives of early childhood educators become more complex and the demands on professional practice increase, it is essential to create spaces where professionals can seek targeted and timely support. Mentoring is an apt way to provide this support. It is a dynamic professional relationship that offers one of the most important mechanisms for improving the daily practice of early childhood educators.

This Research in Practice Series title focuses on the mentoring relationship, describing what it is and how it can be effectively built and sustained. It also explores:

  • what mentoring is not
  • why it is important in early childhood education and care
  • what it looks like in practice
  • how mentoring can be used to reflect on practice and build ethical relationships.

This book also provides practical suggestions on how to document meetings and agreed goals. Furthermore, it has links to the national frameworks so that establishing and improving mentoring skills can be documented in the Quality Improvement Plan.

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