Transition to school: Communication and relationships


Author: Kathryn Hopps
Published: 2019
Pages: 28
ECA code: RIP1901

Starting school is a significant time in the lives of young children, their families and educators. Ecological perspectives of transition focus our attention on the different kinds of support that children receive to make a positive start to school. Through better communication and relationships, children and their families can navigate the challenges and changes they may face while starting school.

This Research in Practice Series title describes a communication- and relationship-based approach to transition to school—an approach that focuses on the development of secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between everyone involved in the transition process. Communication is a key underlying process that supports positive relationships, and this book will introduce educators to the transactional model of communication. An understanding of some of the elements of this model will help educators build and maintain relationships—with children, other educators, families and communities—and contribute to successful transitions to school.

Designed as an empowering resource for both prior-to-school and school educators, this book is based on the broad notion of school readiness as being a collective responsibility of everyone involved in transitions. This book also reflects a commitment to the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and will support educators in implementing EYLF-aligned early childhood pedagogy and practice in relation to children’s transition to school.

Each section of this book is supported by a sound evidence base, drawing upon current international and Australian transition-to-school research. The book provides practice examples to illustrate how educators can implement a communication- and relationship-based approach in their work. There are also reflective questions that will provide discussion points for educators to critically reflect on transition practices in their own contexts and communities.


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