Mindset matters

Author: Fiona Boylan
Published: 2020
Pages: 28
ECA code: RIP2002

The beliefs children hold about their own intelligence, talents and abilities are formed during the earliest stages of life. These beliefs—known as a mindset—influence learning, motivation, self-regulation and achievement. Applying mindset theory in early learning settings can assist educators in developing children’s social–emotional skills and increase their agency in learning.

This Research in Practice Series title describes:
•  what a fixed and growth mindset is
•  why it matters in the early childhood years
•  how educators can help young children develop a growth mindset.

Designed as an empowering resource for prior-to-school and in-school educators, this book is based on the notion that there is much more to learning than just cognitive ability. It reflects a commitment to the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and will help educators plan everyday experiences that promote resilience. The reflective questions will help educators critically reflect on their own mindset, and practice examples will provide ideas on how educators can assist children in being growth mindset–oriented in their learning.

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