Leadership-as-practice in early childhood education and care settings

Author: Leanne Gibbs
Published: 2021
Pages: 24
ECA code: RIP2104

Despite the link between the quality of early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings and leadership enactment, leading and leadership are not always fully understood or developed within the profession. The sector will need more leaders in the future, so it is important to cultivate leadership for not just formal positions but also staff at all levels.

This Research in Practice Series title highlights the need for:

  • reconceptualising leadership as a practice rather than a position
  • focusing less on the heroic, charismatic individual and more on the collective action of emerging and positional leaders
  • practising leadership and understanding effective leadership as a foundation for positional leadership roles
  • creating the conditions that cultivate leadership-as-practice
  • engaging educators in the practices of leading and leadership.

By planning for the preparation of leaders, organisations can strengthen the quality of their educational programs, provide opportunities for educators and ensure continuity of the profession.

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