Promoting infant–toddler cognitive learning and development

Author: Nadia Wilson-Ali
Published: 2021
Pages: 28
ECA code: RIP2102

The brains of infants and toddlers are wired to learn. Children develop their cognitive skills over time through their interactions, experiences and environments. The cognitive learning that occurs in the early years builds the foundation for cognitive learning later in life.

This Research in Practice Series title explores:
•   the cognitive learning processes of infants and toddlers
•   the importance of developing responsive relationships
•   key practices that educators can use to support cognitive learning
•   how educators can create environments that support rich learning opportunities.

The book highlights the role educators play in providing experiences that can support infants and toddlers in becoming curious, exploring the world around them and developing emotional bonds. It also acknowledges the importance of relationships and discusses ways to communicate children’s learning journey with families to maintain consistency between the home learning environment and the education and care setting.

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