Early childhood mathematics: Recognise, celebrate and build—Book 1

Authors: Marina Papic, Kate Highfield and Chrissy Monteleone
Published: 2023
Pages: 20
ECA code: RIP2204

Young children are surrounded by mathematical ideas. However, it can be challenging for educators in ECEC to see the mathematics and then find opportunities to extend it through play, intentional teaching and, importantly, child-led investigations. The Early Years Learning Framework V2.0 reminds us of the value of child-initiated pedagogies and the intentional roles we can play by carefully provisioning the environment to promote, spark and inspire young learners to access and play with the big ideas of mathematics.

This Research in Practice Series book, the first of two in a sequence, helps us to consider mathematical possibilities for young children, focusing on:

  • the mathematics capability of young children
  • the contexts and curriculums in which mathematics are promoted and embedded
  • the big mathematics ideas children engage with.

As the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and Early Childhood Australia’s 2023 Position paper on early childhood mathematics argues, educators and teachers need to ‘recognise, celebrate, and build’ children’s mathematical skills, understandings and language.

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