Stepping back and stepping in: Promoting children’s agency

Author: Caroline Scott
Published: 2022
Pages: 28
ECA code: RIP2201

Facilitating children’s agency is an important part of educators’ work. While the concept of children’s agency is familiar in Australian early childhood discourse, it has not always been clear how educators can support children in enacting their agency through everyday practices. This Research in Practice Series book presents an understanding of children’s agency that includes recognising the essential influence of educator practice and suggests different ways of engaging in practice to facilitate agency.

This book explains how educators can:

  • develop a deeper understanding of children’s agency
  • adapt their practice to enable agency enactment
  • interact with children in a way that encourages and supports agency in the early childhood setting.

The book draws on research to explain components of children’s agency, such as initiative and consideration of others, and highlights the way in which educator practice can either enable or constrain agency. The book also offers a range of strategies that educators can incorporate into everyday planning and practice to help children become active agents who can make decisions and pursue outcomes that are meaningful to them.

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