Authors: Marilyn Fleer and Pam Linke
Published: 2023
Pages: 27
ECA code: RIP2302

Planning for children’s earliest experiences must place the infant at the centre to build a foundation that truly supports all future living and learning. This Research in Practice Series book invites educators and families to read, respond to and plan for babies’ learning and development. It helps readers to discover how our youngest participants develop relationships, feel safe and become confident learners.

This book draws on research to explain how to connect with babies through:

• building relationships with babies
• observing and responding to babies
• supporting babies in the context of their families
• planning infant-focused and relationship-based programs
• planning for play-based learning and intentionality.

Case studies highlight the importance of early attachment, why social referencing matters, how to facilitate interactions where joint attention is supported, and where imitation and turn-taking occur. These practices support early ‘conversations’ with infants and show how educators can respect infants by listening, sensitively responding and simply enjoying playful moments together.

This book places special emphasis on helping babies to get the most out of early childhood education and care settings and on babies’ intentional play. Games for babies are suggested, alongside explanations about how these games support infant development.

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