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Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is dedicated to producing high-quality publications as part of our advocacy work. As a leading early childhood publisher, we aim to identify and promote best practice in early childhood. ECA produces four core publications per year. These are: Australasian Journal of Early Childhood (AJEC), Every Child magazine, Everyday Learning Series (EDL) and Research in Practice Series (RIPS). ECA also has a fortnightly free e-newsletter, which contains many links to resources and newsworthy topics for the sector. While we are fortunate to have an established and accomplished list of experts, we are always looking for new talent and accept submissions from both published and aspiring authors.

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Before submitting your work for consideration, please carefully review the guidelines of the publication you wish to write for. If you need further information, please contact the publishing and studio team: publishing@earlychildhood.org.au.

General publishing principles

Please note: Not all submissions to ECA are guaranteed publication. All material submitted to ECA goes through a stringent review process. Acceptance is based on the outcome of this review process.

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Our fortnightly e-newsletter WebWatch provides up-to-date news from the sector. We invite you to contact us if you would like to share or publicise information related to the sector through this e-newsletter. Click here to sign up to WebWatch for free.