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Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is a non-profit organisation that promotes and works towards what is best for children and the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector. Since 1938, ECA’s main focus has been advocacy, influencing many significant issues relevant to the care, wellbeing and education of young children in Australia. We develop projects in the sector and produce a variety of resources by way of subscription-based publications for our members and the broader sector which includes early childhood educators, services, academics and students. Our vision is that every young child is thriving and learning.

Our work is informed by our:

  • commitment to children’s rights
  • knowledge of early childhood development, learning and pedagogy
  • commitment to an inclusive and just society
  • respect for the rights and aspirations of families
  • the active involvement of our members.

In order to secure the best range of options and outcomes for young children as they grow and develop, ECA works with:

  • Federal, State and Territory Government
  • Parliamentarians
  • Government Departments
  • early childhood professionals
  • parents and grandparents
  • other carers of young children
  • various peak organisations and lobby groups.

Early Childhood Australia advocates for the best interests of young children and where necessary, campaigns for change. As a leading early childhood publisher, we aim to identify and promote best practice in early childhood.

Early Childhood Australia does this by:

  • developing and advocating policies on early childhood education and care
  • promoting and reviewing the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics
  • contributing to the development and evaluation of government policies and programs through submissions, committee membership, delegations, and discussion with politicians and departments
  • promoting increased awareness and understanding of the needs of young children and their families
  • supporting informed debate and good practice in early childhood settings through its own specialist early childhood publications.