The Year of Play is a national celebration launched by Early Childhood Australia (ECA) to raise the profile of play across the early childhood sector and promote diverse ways we can engage through play.  

This page features resources on different approaches to play designed to support the early childhood education and care profession to advocate for play-based pedagogy. This information will also help raise the profile of play in the wider community. 

This professional resource has been developed in consultation with experts in the field and representatives from the ECA National Board and state committees, and will inform practice and debate on a variety of play-based approaches to early childhood education. 

If you have a perspective or example of play that you would like to share, consider making a submission to The Spoke—ECA’s blog or Every Child magazine. 

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To learn more, watch the video below for an introduction to the Year of Play.

ECA and third-party resources on play


Webinars and modules

The ECA Learning Hub is well regarded for producing high-quality online professional learning. It is designed to help educators gain a thorough and practical understanding of standards, frameworks and research about quality practice. It is also designed to be accessible, affordable and contemporary to ensure quality professional learning is available, no matter where and when it is needed. A library of over 90 self-paced modules, interactive webcasts and on-demand webinars across a breadth of topics ranging from pedagogy, WH&S, planning and leadership are available on the hub.


Play resources 

The ECA Shop offers an extensive range of resources for early childhood educators, leaders, practitioners, carers and parents. We assess books based on our quality-assurance guidelines to ensure that all books promote best practice and disseminate high-quality information in the early childhood sector.

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Play blogs

The Spoke is Early Childhood’s Australia’s blog, publishing articles by Australia’s leading policy-makers, academics, experts and leaders and early childhood practitioners. The Spoke is an extensive source of articles on early childhood research, policy and practice. Explore all blogs on play on The Spoke here.
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