Talking Pedagogy

At the 2023 ECA National Conference in Adelaide we are continuing the conversation we began in 2022 when Dr Sandra Cheeseman and Catharine Hydon posed the question Is there a unique Australian Pedagogy? This year we bring Professor Lester Rigney to join the conversation on stage and the ‘landings’ have been refined to the following five:

You can download these for free by clicking the images above or the links below:

During their first presentation, Sandra and Catharine explored the view of teachers and educators working with children, who shared their top ‘landings’ – the things they hold dear and see as valued in Australia; that are somewhat unique to our country and people; and form the foundations for the pride we have in our work.   If you missed the presentation or would like to refresh your memory, you can catch the video here or listen to their podcast series on the ECA podcast which explores each of the landings in more depth:

If you would like the opportunity to join the conversation and research the pedagogical landings in your own practice fill in the form below.

We invite you to be a part of the talking pedagogies conversation:

Please let us know your thoughts about a unique Australian Pedagogy