Online professional learning

Important: The Outside School Hours Care Quality Development Program (OSHC QDP) is coming to an end.  We are no longer accepting new registrations for this program. The OSHC QDP was developed in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and the funding period will end on 31 December 2020. As a result, the web page and online resources will be shut down.

We understand how valuable these resources have been for the OSHC sector and we are working on ways that we may be able to support OSHC professionals in the future.

Under the Outside School Hours Care Quality Development Program (OSHC QDP), the Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub has developed a range of resources for OSHC educators working within New South Wales Out Of School Hours Care services.



The OSHC QDP will include a number of targeted modules, webinars and video presentations across the National Quality Standard Quality Areas.


The online professional learning topics will include:

National Quality Framework

  • An introduction to the National Quality Framework – Educators will be introduced to the National Quality Framework and its multiple components to ensure they understand the core compliance and quality documents that underpins their work in OSHC.

Quality Area 1

  • Program planning in OSHC – OSHC educators will deepen their understanding of planning requirements in OSHC, as well as engage in critical reflection to design educational programs that align with the approved learning framework, are child-centred and intentional and based on play and leisure.
  • My Time, Our Place – Framework for School Age Care in Australia –  A comprehensive module that unpacks the key elements of the nationally approved learning framework ‘My Time, Our Place’.

Quality Area 2

  • Active Supervision of children – A reflective video presentation that can be worked through individually or in a team outlining effective supervision of children and practical strategies in both small and large OSHC settings.

Quality Area 3

  • OSHC Environments A collection of videos showcasing a range of OSHC environments across NSW.
  • Supporting children to become environmentally responsible – A practical module which unpacks ways that services can support school aged children to care for their environment and become environmentally responsible.

Quality Area 4

  • Being an OSHC professional – Catharine Hydon guides educators through a reflective webinar that advocates for the role of an OSHC educator and helps shape their professional identity using professional standards.

Quality Area 5

  • Self-regulation with children 5-12 years – In this webinar with Beth Macgregor, learn how to re-frame OSHC educators approach to working with children and responding to individual behaviour needs.
  • Supporting Children to develop conflict resolution skills – This webinar with Beth Macgregor looks at how educators can use moments of conflict as opportunities to support children to develop conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

Quality Area 6

  • Engaging and building relationships with the local community – explore ways that OSHC services can engage and build relationships with their local community

Quality Area 7

  • Developing and Maintaining Quality Improvement Plans for OSHC  – In this module Luke Touhill helps educators understand the legal requirements of a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and how to create a useful QIP. It provides advice and examples on how a QIP can support OSHC settings to assess their current performance, recognise what they do well, and plan effectively for future improvements.

OSHC Quality Development Program Entry Survey

Before commencing the OSHC QDP online professional learning please complete the below survey.  Completion of this survey will assist in evaluating the program and ensuring we are meeting the ongoing professional learning and support needs of OSHC services in NSW.